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Waste disposal

There are several environmental, fiscal and legislative reasons why waste disposal, and landfill specifically, is the least favourable waste management technique.

Approximately 63 per cent of the waste collected by the Partner Boroughs currently ends up in landfill sites.

That’s about 180,000 tonnes every year.

No matter how much you do to decrease the environmental effect of landfill waste, reducing, reusing, recycling and pulling energy from waste are always going to be more sustainable choices for the surroundings. Government policy has ensured that the price of sending waste to landfill is rocketing and it’ll shortly be a prohibitively expensive option for councils. It’s for these reasons that the Wakefield Waste Management has awarded a major contract (in November 2012) that will find up to 215,000 tonnes of residual waste treated and turned into precious electricity rather than being buried in landfill.


Wakefield Waste Management monitors the path of your waste from collection to disposal. Tradebe has thorough paperwork that is supplemented with our electronic waste tracking system that permits US to monitor each bin.
Our tracking system permits US to be proactive about segregation and ensuring conformity for Duty of Care. All waste will be inspected prior to its disposal route. The path the waste will embark upon will depend on the waste type.

This system allows each Transport Manager to understand precisely where each vehicle is at any moment. Moreover, we can set the system up to email you when the vehicle enters a pre — set distance from your website. This will provide you with a private record of our vehicles arrival times at website. Having the on-line vehicle tracking in place allows Tradebe to monitor the routes taken by each driver and vehicle. The tracking ensures the most efficient path is taken to service our contracts. Our electronic tracking is integrated with OAMPS/OHES 24/7 crisis environmental services. All local waste management drivers are fully ADR capable and are continually trained by the Transport Manager in other facets of their job.

If you have any questions feel free to call Wakefield Waste Management on 01924 637 850.

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