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Washrooms should be kept smelling their best at all times to provide your users with a enjoyable bathroom experience which doesn’t leave them feeling nauseous. Washrooms can frequently house unpleasant odors which can force individuals into leaving as soon as possible, meaning care isn’t taken when cleaning their hands and this can lead to the spread of unhygienic conditions around the assumptions.

Wakefield Waste Management offer commercial air fresheners which are totally programmable timed units that are a cost effective solution to keep your toilets smelling agreeable. They expel an air freshening substance at timed intervals — keeping the washroom odours under control and ensuring there is no waste as each aerosol will likely be sufficient in strength until the next timed bang is emitted.

Our washroom air fresheners are a fantastic solution to keep any bad odour at bay and can enhance the entire surroundings of your washroom dramatically. We furnish them in several different smelling scents to provide you with a variability of odors.

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