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More than hundreds of businesses, schools, events, and other organizations have already benefited from our commercial cardboard recycling services, which have helped them save money and lessen their environmental impact. We offer a waste solution for every business, no matter how big or little.

We are dedicated to providing a high-quality, cost-effective professional cardboard waste recycling solution adapted to our customers’ needs, with over 30 years of experience. Call us on 01924 637 850.

What is Cardboard Waste Recycling?

Cardboard, commonly known as old corrugated cardboard (OCC), is a material that is easily recycled and is made of paper fibres. As cardboard is collected in your facility, make sure it is kept clean and dry. Before placing cardboard boxes in a recycling container, they should always be flattened. Businesses and organizations recycle materials like cardboard in today’s market because it saves them money on waste disposal. Recycling benefits the environment and local communities by preserving valuable resources, reducing pollution from the manufacture of new materials, and creating jobs. 

Recycling cardboard is an excellent and sustainable material that can be used for packaging and boxes. It can also be recycled several times without deteriorating. Post-consumer cardboard has a high amount of recycled content in shipping containers.

How is Cardboard Recycled?

Because the fibres used to make cardboard have previously been processed from trees, it is an excellent material for recycling. Businesses today are more environmentally conscious than they were in the past. Recycling is now viewed as a valuable practice and many business owners and managers are eager to join efforts to recycle. It has become the standard to recycle, benefiting both businesses and the environment. Businesses benefit from recycling because it brings in customers, complies with regulations, is good for the environment, and can help reduce waste.

Cardboard Recycling Steps

Collection: The first step in the cardboard recycling process is the collection of boxes. You should collect the collected boxes and place them in a convenient place for collection, such as a warehouse, where they can be collected and taken to the recycling center.

Sorting:  When the cardboard boxes arrive at the recycling facility, they will need to be sorted. As soon as they have been sorted, they are baled. To accomplish this, machine balers are employed to crush boxes into compact bales that are easily handled.

Pulping: These boxes, also called boxboard and corrugated cardboard boxes, are made from plant-based fibers called paper. The simplest way to turn cardboard boxes into paper pulp is to soak them in water. After that, the pulp is combined with new pulp created from materials used to make new paper, such as wood chips.

Filtering and de-inking: Because the pulp is made with recycled and new paper materials, there may be some foreign objects present. The most likely culprits are glue and tape, both of which can be removed with filters. Thereafter, any remaining color in the pulp will be removed by using a flotation apparatus that uses decolorization chemicals.
Finishing: We are now looking at pulp that is ready to be formed into any shape we desire. A virgin paper material is added, then dried. Drying takes place on a conveyor belt or table, and the material is then passed through a dryer-type machine, which gives it its final shape after extracting all the excess water. The linerboard can be used to make new boxes and other items.

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