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You can rely on Wakefield Waste to collect all of your commercial waste on a regular basis. We can work with you to develop a plan for disposing of your plastic recycling and for collecting all of your other waste. We’ll provide you with free bins and containers to store your commercial waste in. Our waste disposal containers cover the entire spectrum of commercial waste disposal and recycling requirements, from wheelie bins that are similar in size to home bins to roll-on-roll-off skips and waste compactors. All you have to do on your side is call us on 01924 637 850.

If you need a commercial bin with a greater capacity, our larger wheelie bins are the way to go. Our bins are ideal for a variety of businesses since they can accommodate ordinary waste, recycling, compactable industrial waste, commercial waste, and much more.

Finding Containers Suitable for Your Business?

Our larger wheelie bins are the perfect choice if you need a larger commercial bin. Several types of waste can be disposed of in our bins, including general waste, recycling, compactable industrial waste, and all other kinds of commercial waste. Whether it’s wheelie bins, front loaders, or Roll on Roll off dumpsters, we have all kinds of containers to meet your needs. Choosing the right container size isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision, as it depends solely on your circumstances. We will send a highly trained specialist to you at no charge and determine the best waste management solution based on an on-site audit.

Our commercial wheelie bins were designed to be easy to use and operate while still carrying a large amount of waste. They have lockable lids and castors on all four corners, making them immediately recognisable. Those casters have an additional brake control built in, allowing you to move the bin around with ease. The quantity of waste that one of our wheelie bins can hold varies depending on the size of the bin; nevertheless, a large wheelie bin can hold between 12 and 15 black bin bags. This equates to a 45-90kg weight range.

Wheelie Bin Sizes

The fact that we can provide your business with wheelie bins for free, including delivery, is a huge benefit of using Wakefield. We also have extremely competitive prices on our collection services; in fact, we have a price guarantee, so you can rest assured that you will always pay the lowest rate. You can obtain a quote from us in less than an hour if you fill out the form on the right, or you can call us and we can give you a price over the phone, which means you won’t have to wait long or deal with any difficult logistics to get this area of your business sorted out. Call us at 01924 637 850 to learn more.

In addition to hygienic waste containers with various sizes and configurations, we also have two-wheeled and four-wheeled disposal bins, along with larger static options so that our service is completed with the least amount of stress to your operation and location(s).

Front End Loaders and Rear-End Loaders

Front End Loaders: Larger amounts of compactable dry waste, such as general waste and cardboard, are best suited for these containers.

Containers can be stored both indoors and outside, and come in a variety of sizes with lockable lids if needed.

These are available from size 6 to10 yards.

Rear-End Loaders: Designed for commercial customers who generate substantial amounts of compactable waste. REL canisters are stored on-site and emptied on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis as needed. If necessary, security locks can be fitted. RELs have a tiny footprint, which saves room on-site, and are available in capacities ranging from 8 to 16 cubic yards (6300 litres to 12,600 litres).

Skips and Skips Bags

Skip bags are typically a more cost-effective and practical solution for waste collection on a smaller scale. A skip bag’s versatility allows it to be used for a variety of purposes, from gardening to redecorating.

Skip bags are huge, robust, and waterproof bags that are utilized in the same way as a tiny skip. The most common way to hire a skip bag is to utilise a waste management business like Wakefield Waste to collect your skip bag once it’s full. The waste management service collects a skip bag, together with the waste within, and removes it from the user’s hands. As you might expect, this procedure can be a much easier approach to dispose of waste on a smaller scale.

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