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Glass recycling is a service that is useful for busy bars, stores, and businesses throughout the country. Our sales team can provide experienced advice on glass collections and containers, as well as a nationwide collection tailored to your business’s needs. Get a fast glass management services quote online by filling out our online quote form on the right or by calling our sales staff at 01924 637 850.

Unlike several other materials, glass can be recycled forever without losing its quality or purity. Compared to making glass from scratch, recycling waste glass into new containers can save a lot of energy. Call us to make your glass waste management easy and affordable. 

What is Glass Recycling?

Glass reprocessing, also known as glass recycling, is the process of turning waste glass into usable items. Recycling used glass involves washing, crushing, and melting it to create new bottles and jars. Without affecting the final product’s quality, this procedure can be repeated indefinitely.  A commercial glass recycling service is beneficial for busy bars, stores, and a variety of other businesses. Our glass waste collection containers are indoors and outdoors, so disposing of glass waste is easier than ever. Glass bottle recycling accounts for over 70% of all glass packaging sold in the UK, with glass bottle recycling accounting for the majority of this statistic.

How is Glass Recycled?

You can recycle almost every glass item in your recycling bin. But, do not try to break glass just so you can save bin space. Broken glass can be recycled, however it may not be in the same condition as before. To put it another way, if you recycle a shattered bottle, the glass that results is unlikely to be recycled into a new bottle. That glass might still be utilised as an additive in fiberglass or tile, but it’s preferable to preserve the recycled glass’s integrity as much as possible. If your glass waste management company can avoid touching broken glass, the team would be safer.

Most recyclers require that you clean glass before recycling. Although recycling organisations clean glass throughout the process, you can prepare it ahead of time by washing it at your end. Recycling glass requires that it be separated from other recyclables and placed in a separate container. Never mix glass with any other recyclable material. It is easy for glass to break due to its brittleness. This could lead to them breaking in the recycle bin. Asa result, it is important that glass recycling be kept separate from the rest of your recycling.

Glass Recycling Process

The glass recycling process will start with the collection of your glass waste and then it will be transported to the recycling centres. Sorting the glasses is required before recycling centers can begin the correct recycling procedure. This is critical because it allows them to separate contaminants from the glass waste. These contaminants, if not removed, have the potential of ruining the whole recycling process. 

To facilitate recycling, recycling companies break glass to create cullet. This is accomplished by using a machine that contains approximately twenty-four hammers. After this process, the glass is melted and blown out to create new glassware and glass products.

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