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Hazardous Waste Disposal Wakefield

We are a Wakefield based firm with expertise in hazardous waste collection as well as the safe disposal of WEE, substance, laboratory (lab smalls), hazardous (haz waste) and special waste. In addition, we carry out significant business instruction manual jobs including Wakefield Waste Management Producer Enrolment (Premise Code) if required.

Do I have to register my premises ?

Generally, if your premises or business makes or holds 500kg or more of hazardous waste within a year, then under the Hazardous local waste management Regulations 2005, you may be asked to enroll.
This implies that even if the hazardous waste wasn’t produced at your website, you have to still enroll. If you have more than one premises in your business each website must be separately registered and have their particular premise code. Under the Hazardous local waste management Regulations 2005, it is an offence to create or hold hazardous waste at premises, or remove that waste from premises, unless those premises are either registered with the Environment Agency or exempt.

When we register your premises we give you a unique premises number called a ‘premises code’. The registration is not only a business registration. The regulations stipulate that each website that creates hazardous waste must have a separate registration, although multiple sites may be registered on the exact same telling. So each website is going to have separate unique registration number and need another fee.

Consequently any business who is not registered with the Environment Agency as a manufacturer of waste (and creating more than 500kg per year, per website) CAn’t have their waste collected legally and is really commiting an offence only by creating the waste. If hazardous waste is still created or held at these premises after the 12 month period has lapsed, then the premises code has to be rekindled. We can renew a premises code up to one month in advance of the expiry date.

Wakefield Waste Management Producer Enrolment (Premise Code) Service:

After reading the above, you realise that you have to be registered and you would like WWM to carry out the local waste management Producer Enrolment on your behalf, then the following info is needed from you in order for all of us to execute your instruction:

  1. Complete company name. 2. 3. Address and postcode of each premises to be registered. 4. 5. The company Standard Industry Code (SIC Code) for the main activity that creates waste. 6. Number of workers working at the premises for which notification is needed. 7. Proposed telling start date.

Once we have this info, we’ll complete the waste producer registration for your business or premises with the Environment Agency and advise you of your new premises code, SIC Code and registration date. We will then track your registration and about 2 weeks before the annual renewal date, we’ll follow up with a reminder for you to renew.
We’re certain that this service gives you, the customer peace of mind, understanding your business registration will probably be dealt with and not forgotten, leaving you liable to a big fine from the Environment Agency. This entire service is just forty pounds plus VAT per premise, per year, which we believe to be somewhat good value.

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